Imagine you’re an explorer following a meandering dry riverbed. You could be a conservation biologist on the trail of an endangered animal, or a field botanist looking for a new species. Along the stony path, you leap from one boulder to another, your muscles tense from balancing the weight of your equipment. Who knows what you’ll find at the end?

Further along, you encounter a passageway where unusual aromas lure you on to a hidden field of enchanted plants. You pluck them carefully and delicately fold them into your specimen jars to examine back at the field station. After 100 miles, you come to a surprising clearing with twenty five stumps, arranged in an unusual pattern. What a find! Who meets here? What do they share? Where are they now?

Kids planting at PS12 Ribbon Cutting Day (9/20/13)

To an adult, stepping stones are just a path—but to a six-year-old, they’re the beginning of a magical journey. The garden at PS 150 inspires curiosity, physical activity, and a connection with nature. Pass through the herb bed, an oasis of wonderful smells and a gateway to uncovering secret potions. The rustic stumps provide seating and creative exploration... count the tree rings, sketch a painted lady, or plot the next leg of your adventure.

Visit this garden at PS 150Q 40-01 43rd Ave., Sunnyside 11104