Rooftop farms are good for schools with limited green space, as most roofs have lots of sunlight and no snack-access for squirrels. Caveat! Safe access and roof structure will need to be evaluated by a school facilities engineer.

William Cullen Bryant High School’s rooftop farm is 95% edible plants and 5% nectar plants that feed pollinators (e.g., butterfly bush, lavender and santolina). High School students installed the containers and planted a variety of herbs: rosemary, thyme, peppermint, lemon balm, bee balm, parsley, sage, lovage, romaine lettuce, and rainbow chard. They also planted fall favorites: kale, cabbage, and pansies.

View of the rooftop farm at William Cullen Bryant High School

Green Grid ( modules were installed, offering durability and a soil depth of eight inches, enough to grow both annuals and perennials.

Visit this garden at William Cullen Bryant High School 48-10 31st Ave., Astoria 11103