The GreenTween curriculum introduces middle school students to the basic principles of horticulture, and challenges them to make plant-to-people connections through nutrition, stewardship, and environmental advocacy.

Over the course of 10 weeks, students learn how to plan a garden, transplant seedlings, water sustainably, and amend the soil. They also learn to identify different vegetables and herbs, and utilize these plants in healthy recipes from herbal teas to organic salad dressings. Connections to practical math, history, literacy and observed art create a dynamic gardening learning experience that makes the sciences more meaningful.

The GreenTween lessons are geared towards middle school students, but can be easily adapted for younger or older audiences. While these activities are intended for use in a school garden, they can be modified for use in almost any urban park or community garden. Schools without dedicated garden spaces can contact us 212-757-0915 x106 to discuss the creation of container, vertical or indoor gardens. By developing children’s scientific literacy, connecting them to nature and engaging them in school, the GreenTween curriculum promotes long-term academic success and reduces juvenile delinquency.

Below, all 10 activities are made available to download in PDF format by clicking the links under the GreenTween Curriculum below. You can download a free PDF reader from Adobe here.

Click here to download an Annotated Bibliography of Research on the Interactions Between Children and Green Space (PDF).

GreenTween Curriculum is generously funded by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation.

Plot Your Garden
Play with Your Food
Transform Your Tea
Sprout Power
Establish New Roots